Ulli Wittemann

Actor & Performer
Coach and Teacher for acting, movement, awareness & communication

Performer & Teacher

A passion for movement and growth has drawn Ulli to new directions since he was a child.

From practiсing Ballroom Dance and Hip Hop as a teenager and 28 years of studying different Martial Arts forms (Judo, Aikido, Kickboxing, Boxing and nowadays Muay Thai) he finally fell in love with Contact Improvisation in 2001 during his actor studies at the University of Performing Arts in Frankfurt, Germany. After eight years of performing more than 1000 shows in the German State Theater system he decided to change his focus from performing to sharing his love for Contact Improvisation, Acting, Awareness on Relating and Communication in Munich and abroad.

Since 2010 he taught Workshops, Classes and Retreats in China, Japan, India, Thailand, Bali, Israel, Palestine, Russia, USA, Canada, Turkey and many European Countries. On a regular basis he coaches individual clients and teaches CI, communication and his own PLAYFIGHT system in Munich, Germany.


He is one of the Founders of the Tempelhof Contact Festival in Germany and the Conscious Flow Festival in India and co-organized six editions of the Touch & Play Festival in Germany, England and Bali. Their BODY MIND SOUL Festival happens close to Munich since 2019 and his nature retreat BEING HUMAN invites people to connect deeper with nature and water since 2015.

With his wife Isabelle Pyttel he founded the retreat format ACHTSAME SINNLICHKEIT (conscious sensuality) and they just started into the amazing adventure of parenting. With the enthusiasm of young parents they also initiated a new community in nature with space for movement, healing, arts and permaculture in the South of Germany in 2020.

"In myself I feel a deep longing for connectedness, healing and joy. I seek for depth and lightness in everything I do and so also in the spaces that I open for people, no matter if it's teaching a workshop or creating an event. By growing a network of motivated humans I want to give us the chance to learn and enjoy together and work towards peace and harmony with each other and our planet."

Softness. Connectedness. Presence.

What's the possible meaning of these terms in dancing CI, in the physical interaction with our own and another person's body?

How can I create a state of relaxed awareness, where every moment is an invitation to learn and grow and every surprise is a gift?

One part of this Intensive will be exploring new pathways and expanding our dance to unknown territories. From opening our bodies to all directions on the floor to dynamic interactions in lifts on different levels.

This exploration will be guided by the idea of being fully present with ourselves and our dances, with our partners and with the whole group moving together.
We will practice being connected and grounded, yet flexible and open to enjoy spontaneous changes.

"How can I support partners, who are bigger than me and how can I stay light and soft flying on someone else?"

These and other questions will be researched with clearly structured exercises and we will also keep space for exchanging about our experiences and free exploration in the dance. At the end of the day we just want to enjoy growing together.

Feeling connected. Being alive. Let's do that! ;-)
Excited for meeting you and having a good time together!


All levels welcome

Resident Teachers
Christine Cole
Nini Ghibradze
Yu Gen
Gomarduli Zen Garden is a CI based mountain retreat in Georgia. We hold the ongoing contact residency for 30 people and organise educational and research events around contact improvisation, contemporary dance, embodiment and somatic treatments.
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- workshop with Ulli
- classes with resident teachers
- accommodation
- 3 meals a day

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