Love is born in the family.
Thinking is born in microgroups of large-scale change.
Will is born in collaborative action groups.
Faith is born in communities of transcendent practice.
Empathy is born in communities of emotional practice.


Resurrection retreats for Ukrainian volunteers and activists


- Somatics and Feldenkrais
- Massage and osteopathy
- Yoga and Qi Gong
- Vipassana meditation
- Breathwork


- Group therapy
- Art therapy
- Voice therapy


- Group connections
- Self-regulation practices
- Tools to help others
- Values of self-sufficiency
- Communal labour
Main things to know
  • Costs
    $ 500/10 days retreat
    $ 200-300 for the road from Ukraine and back
    $ up to 40 people
  • Program
    • Psychotherapy
    • Art therapy
    • Work therapy
    • Voice therapy
    • massage and bodywork
    • yoga and qi gong
    • osteopathy
  • Place
    • mountain resort
    • 1,5 hours from the sea
    • single, twin, quad rooms
    • up to 40 people
    • fresh air, clean water, good road
    • totally quiet
  • Food
    Contemporary Georgian, Ukrainian, Asian and European food
    Vegan, vegetarian, raw options, desserts and barbecue
    Good coffee
    Wine and tea bar
  • Team
    • massage and bodywork
    • osteopathy
    • yoga and qi gong
    • contemporary embodiment practice
  • Services
    • Laundry
    • sauna
    • cafe
    • soundsystem
    • projector
    • internet

Volunteers and activists are the lifeblood of the Ukrainian nation. In 2014, thanks to them, Ukraine survived as a state, and nowadays they are a huge driving force that helps Ukraine to survive. They are the ones who make decisions faster than the sluggish bureaucratic state machine -

and ultimately tilt the balance of power in Ukraine's favor.

At such a crazy pace, people burn out - and if we turn to the question of helping volunteers and activists, we are likely to find a void in that place. Large foundations help the categories they understand - orphans, women, victims of violence, the elderly - but no one thinks to take care of those on whom both the front and the rear are held.

Rehabilitation programs

For volunteers and activists
from Ukraine

Retreat and Cultural center

Art residencies, movie festivals, music concerts and way more

Mindfulness media

Science-based self-regulation practices in Ukrainian and English

We organize recovery programs for those who are at the core of the beating heart of Ukraine - volunteers and activists.

We know from our own experience that a crisis experience directed in the right direction can become an existential springboard rather than a trauma.

We want to support the pulsation of the core of Ukrainian society, to make it healthy and strong, to teach it to recover, to fill up and to help others to do so.



Feldenkrais method
Osteopathy & Bodywork
Contact Improvisation
Wim Hof Method

Culture and Social

Ukrainian Polyphony
Art therapy
Design Thinking and Dragon Dreaming
Communal Labor
Performance and theatre


Gomarduli Dao Space - mountain retreat in Georgia,
60 km from Batumi and Black sea coast.

We have 12,8 hectares of land, stunning views, good road and water.

5 living houses, 20 rooms, each room has a bathroom and a balcony,
each house has a fireplace, big windows everywhere.
Main building with a restaurant, terrace, yoga space and chillout mezzonine.


We want to continue to do what we are already doing:
reinventing the practices of embodiment and awareness in a science-based way.

We want to share with people from Ukraine and the world the simple techniques of presence
and to spread the idea of embodiment as the basis of ecological existence
in a world where wars are unthinkable.

We want to become a refuge and a source of inspiration for hundreds and thousands of Ukrainians, laying the foundations of a new culture of being and making our contribution to the formation of the subjectivity of modern Ukraine in the world.

We aim to create a new retreat model and grow
to a worldwide chain of retreats after the war ends.


- We hold three 10-days retreats each month

- We can accept 40 people in the same time

- Costs for 1 person - 500$ for the retreat

- Road from Ukraine and back - 150-300$ for the round trip

We organise the retreat and all the logistics.

Report on expenses and harvest the feedback.

We create content and make history.

800$ for retreat for one person

12 - 120 people can resurrect each month with your help

Buy a retreat for Ukrainian Volunteer

Help courageous people to get the inspiration and energy back
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Hi, my name is Yevhen Vovk, born in Kyiv, living in Georgia. I was living peaceful life, doing tea ceremonies and organising meditation and dance retreats. In 2020 I realized a dream - I opened a retreat center in the mountains and started organizing embodiment programs. During the pandemic our place hosted hundreds of people, giving them shelter, hope and energy to live.

In 2014-15, I was already at war in Ukraine, working in crisis management for Amnesty International. At that time I spent 15-20 days a month on and behind the front lines, often under rocket fire and several times in captivity. During that period, I was in dire need of something that would make me feel alive. It was then that embodiment practices came into my life, allowing me to integrate the war experience and make it a resource for growth and development in my life.

Unfortunately now the war has entered a full-scale phase, forcing most of us to defend our home with weapons in hand. The Russian plan for a swift takeover of Ukraine has failed - and at the same time it is already clear that it will take time for Ukraine to win outright.

A prolonged war is exhausting and embittering, robbing us of hope and humanity. This is why I believe it is important to create a place where Ukrainians can restore peace. A place that will be safe. A place where Ukrainians will not feel like guests. A place that will welcome hundreds and thousands - and become a symbol of a future peaceful life for millions.



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Yevhen Vovk


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Donors willing to support the project on a regular basis in amounts of $5,000 or more, please contact us by mail or Telegram.

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