A safe space for peaceful communication

Gomarduli Dao Space
The first and the only retreat center in Georgia, in 70 km from Batumi.

Located at 1200 m above sea level it has the sea and the mountain air, clean spring water and the powerful vibration of the Highlands of Adjara.

5 wooden cottages (40 people can be accommodated) with 200 m yoga shala, outdoor dance space and the terrace with stunning views create the experience of inspiration and rest.

We cook mainly from local products and use organic nutrition supplements.
There's sauna nearby.

We'll get your people to a mountain retreat for a week

A special retreat program to connect with the body,
enhance the human identity in its somatic part,
and develop the authenticity - a quality that is the foundation for good health, a stable mind, and true creativity.

It's a safe, comfortable and equal environment where you have a really good sleep and delicious healthy food.

The retreat program can include:

Meeting circles - discovering the stories, current states and relations, bodywork.

Embodiment classes and group psychology sessions, leaving time for containing the experience and rest.

Personal massage and osteopathy sessions as well as the opportunity of personal sharing with psychologist.

Day by day, the new embodied identity will unfold

and the group dynamic will develop.

The retreat program does not contradict with work

and can be combined with reduced hours of the main job.

The toolbox

Chose options for your unique retreat program!
  • Contact Improvisation
    Playful ground for learning the wide perspective of contact
  • Contemporary Dance
    Modern look at how the body moves and feels from within
  • Feldenkrais method
    Awareness through movement
  • Tea Practice
    A simple way to get in touch
    with all the senses
  • Yoga and Qi Gong
    Ancient practices to reach the holistic, stable and centered state
    of body and mind
  • Bodywork
    Touch as the act of witnessing
  • Osteopathy
    Science-based healing
    and restorative approach
  • Voice and Music
    For you, not for the stage
  • Psychology
    Professional facilitation
    of the group dynamics
There is no other spirituality than embodiment

The body is the foundation of human existence, its visible and tangible layer, the projection of all processes of life into the matter.

Our sensations are the main marker of connection with reality.

Feeling your own weight is the basic confirmation that you exist, and feeling the size of your body is a direct experience of your boundaries.

By setting up a connection with the body, by making sensations a significant factor in decision-making, one finds support within oneself, stops burning out, and learns a number of tools for self-healing, and most importantly, understands their importance.

Where to live

- Wooden cottages, each has 2 double and 2 quad rooms
- All rooms are located on the second floor of the cottage
- Ground floor has a fireplace and panorama windows

Each room has a balcony, a wardrobe, a private bathroom with towels and toiletries.

Restaurant, meditation & yoga halls are located close to the cottages in the main building.

What to eat

Creative look on contemporary Ukrainian, Georgian and European cuisine. Vegetarian and vegan options.

As for the drinks, we are suggesting fresh coffee, herbal teas, fresh juices and best Georgian vine from 19 to 22.

'We aim to create a precedent for humanity and deliberate interaction,

which can start a conscious communication culture that can spread to IT-companies and, more generally, to the human environment',

Yevhen Vovk

Yevhen Vovk
Founder of Gomarduli Dao Space. Tea ceremony practitioner.
Contact improvisation teacher. Amnesty International crisis manager. Osteopathy student. Father of one.
Contact us:
+995 591 01 77 22
Gomarduli Village
60 km from Batumi, Georgia
GPS 41.6639° N, 42.1968° E
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