What is it about?
Co-living contact impro residency project
in a mountain retreat in Western Georgia.

Home for creative people from all over the world.

Safe space for people to be in contact.

Embodiment exploration

The project explores a new human identity based on embodiment and mindfulness. We explore the possibilities of the human body in order to develop a holistic, ecological and healthy life.
Recreation and retreat

We live surrounded by the mountain forest, eat natural food, meditate, hike, go to sauna and sometimes have parties. The place is quiet, water is soft, the air is clean and the views are stunning.
International community

The residence is home to designers, entrepreneurs, dancers, writers, architects, school teachers and even financial analysts. We are from different countries and we value the cultural exchange.
The toolbox

Main directions of our practice and research

Contact Improvisation
Partnering dance practice, philosophy of togetherness and improvisational playground
Contemporary Dance
Exploring the vocabulary of human body movement
Body regulation and treatment partnering techniques
Aesthetic Education
Wide range of aesthetic development practices - music, voice, art, tasting and more
Solo practices for regulation of body and mind - tea ceremony, tai chi, somatics, breathwork and more
Important part of our daily practice and life philosophy
Daily schedule example:

- 06:00 - Qi Gong

- 07:00 - Tea Ceremony

- 08:00 - Yoga

- 09:00 - Breakfast

- 11:00 - Class slot

- 14:00 - Lunch

- 16:30 - Class slot 2

- 19:00 - Dinner

- 21:00 - Contact and music jams, ecstatic dance, parties, movies, bodyworks and more

  • we do qi gong, tea ceremony and yoga every day. Rest of the day is the open space. As long as we or guests are organising the class/lab, we put it in the schedule. When we organise a workshop with guest teachers, residents can join for a friendly price.
Gomarduli Zen Garden
The first and the only retreat center in Georgia. The perfect spot for meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and outdoor activities. Gomarduli is created for inner discoveries, healing, refreshing, inspiration, and finding your people.

It's a place where you can pull back, withdraw your everyday life and focus your attention on things that you truly love.

Where will you live?

- We have 5 wooden cottages, each has 4 double rooms
- All rooms are located on the second floor of the cottage

Each room has a balcony, a wardrobe, a private bathroom with towels and toiletries.
Ground floor has a fireplace and panorama windows.
Restaurant, meditation, yoga & dance halls are located close to the cottages.


We have rooms with the forest or mountain view.

4 rooms on a second floor of each of 5 houses.
Every room has a bathroom and a balcony.
Ground floor of the cottage is a public space, with kitchenette, fireplace and big windows.

Dorms for 4, single rooms and double rooms availavle
We have 2 studios - 200 sq.m. indoor studio with the wooden floor and 300 sq.m. outdoor space with dancing linoleum. Also we have a tea bar, sauna, spacious terrace for dining, indoor chillout and beautiful forest around.
What do we eat?

Vegetarian rustic food, fresh local vegetables and fruits.
Nutritious and delicious.
Guilty pleasures like cheese and fish are also around :)

As for the drinks, we are offering fresh coffee, blackberry tea, wild strawberries tea, chinese teas, cacao and more.

I don't have experience in dance. Can I come?
Yes, we are beginner friendly. We have both, educational and research programs.

While here, you don't have to participate in everything, but you can choose your own rhythm and level of involvement in the center's activities.

Most of the program is designed for all levels.

How long I can stay?
From 1 to 6 months.

If you have been in the residency for 6 months, you will need a one-month break before you can return to the residency again.

Can I bring my pets/children?
Yes, we are children and pet friendly. Children till 12 will get a 30% discount.
Can I buy things around? Any other restaurants?
We are the only restaurant around. We have a bar and a small store with chocolates, lighters and fruits. We don't sell tobacco. Once a week we are getting our supply from the city, you can order things you need and they will arrive on the scheduled day.
Can I offer my class/service?
Yes, we have slots in the schedule for the residents classes/labs.

If you want to offer some service/product in exchange for payment, please let us know. We're not demanding our share, we just want to make sure you're not offering absolution or karma correction.
What do I need to bring with me?
Personal belongings, clothing, knee pads, toiletries, some small presents/yummies from your country for other participants. For the personal mobile card we recommend Magti or Geocell, their internet works best here. Also we have a tradition of gift exchange - we give genuine Chinese/Taiwanese tea in exchange for a good book/vinyl plate/house plant.
Are there conditions for remote work?
Yes. We have a coworking space, 25 Mbit/s Wifi, tables, chairs, lamps and inspiring views
What language do you all speak?
We are coming from different countries, so we choose English as a main communication language.

Besides of it you can meet French, German, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Turkish and Italian.
How to get to Gomarduli!
Gomarduli Village
60 km from Batumi
GPS 41.6639° N, 42.1968° E
(You have to pass Shuakhevi first!)

Bus website (from Kutaisi)
Train website (from Tbilisi)

+995 591 01 77 22
One month:

Dorm place - 499 euro
Single room - 899 euro
Double room - 999 euro

Including accommodation, food and access to the studio

30 resident spots only

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