Georgian mountain performance intensive

Contemporary dance, Contact Improvisation, Butoh

AUGUST 9 - 21


2 weeks performance workshop in the nature of Georgian mountains.

The program includes:

One week - physical training classes: contemporary dance, contact improvisation, improvisational movement, composition, Butoh.

Another week - Co-creative performance development

This will lead into final multiple performance event within the nature of Gomarduli, Georgia.
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Kiori Kawai
Adam Koan
Concetta Cariello
Kiori Kawai (Japanese, b. 1978) is a dance performer/choreographer,
interactive installation artist and an educator.

As a dance performance artist, she seeks to merge her body and coexist
within nature and all environments.

Started her career in New York, she has worked with Carman Moore/Skymusic Inc., Elaine Summers Dance and Film, Lincoln Center, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Brooklyn Museum, Serraves Contemporary Museum (Portugal), Mesa Arts Center (AZ),
Transformation Festival (Denmark/U.S), Megaron (Athens, Greece), touring
nationally and internationally.

She’s built up her own improvisatory movement vocabulary based on the techniques of Kinetic Awareness, Contact Improv, yoga, and various dance/movement trainings.
This led her to designing interactive installations that include human body movement within kinetic sculptures.

Her approach to teaching Contact Improvisation and improvisational dance
performances is based on developing awareness and exploring our
conscious/unconscious choices through physical interaction between self
and others.

She has taught at New York University-Abu Dhabi (UAE),
Alpine Dance Academy/Wave Festival (CO, USA), Tinkuy (Copenhagen,
Denmark), Wrong Movement Studio (Athens, Greece), New England Dance Camp (New Hampshire, USA), Transformation Festival (U.S.A-Denmark), Deakin University/Federation Square (Melbourne, Australia), Savannah Arts Academy/ Telfair Museums (GA, USA), Dancing Water (TX, USA), Azule Dance Theater (NY, USA), Rinyou Temple (Japan) and more.
Adam is a half Colombian, half Venezuelan-American who was raised in a
small town known as Belleview, Florida (USA). He has toured western
and eastern Europe, Turkey, India, and USA guiding, performing, and
writing about butoh. His formal dance journey began in 2010 with Ballet
and Modern Dance college and university which then shifted to a focus on
butoh beginning Fall of 2013 at the Subbody Butoh facility in Dharamsala,

Since then, Adam continued exploring via various notable butoh guides
such as Yumiko Yoshioka, Julie Becton Gillum, Ken Mai, Tadashi Endo,
and others. In August of 2019, he curated his first butoh retreat (Sesalac
Butoh Retreat) which brought 8 butoh guides and 59 other participants
from many countries.

Currently, Adam is part of the Butoh Lantern trio which has permanent
winter teaching residency at Tiyatro Medresesi in Selcuk, Turkey.

What is butoh?

Butoh is a heavily personal body art form/dance/theatre and subculture
hidden like a pearl in the mud, and those who ally with the movement may
find themselves reaping many benefits.

By nature there will be no clear definition of butoh because its liminality is
part of what makes it exist.

We can, however, identify some reoccurring themes from the various other
butoh practitioners. Let us take butoh scholar Liao P as an example. She
has identified via the medium of the body: (1) the search for identity; (2)
social criticism; (3) seeking the Truth of life; (4) ceremony or festival; (5)
body-mind coherence as a means of psychosomatic therapy. (Liao 47)

Frances Barbe has noted that butoh often works within the realm of the
absurd, grotesque or double image, especially redefining the dichotomies
such as beauty/ugliness, young/old, and light/darkness. Barbe also adds
that extremity is a main feature, whether in movement, emotional
expressionism, animal states, strange hybrid characters or material
qualities that reform the body. (Barbe)

To Adam, butoh is a means to re-adopt the body and to break out of
various limiting habits modern society has thrusted upon our bodies and
spirits. The body is an enigma and an entire universe full of wonder, and
both surface and shadow are made to eventually dance together in

Adam’s butoh guiding draws upon a multitude of exercises and
perspectives that emphasize the body-mind connection, improvisation,
imagination, shamanic motifs, shadow work, play, and unlearning. We
will expand the idea of what we perceive to be dance, theatre, ritual, and

It may be a rich resource for dancers, actors, performance artists, body
workers, athletes, psychologists, and more.

Clear instruction is emphasized. The guiding cultivates individual deep
creation within and is crafted in such a way that both beginners and
experienced practitioners can gain material to construct their personal
butoh body. No experience of any prior discipline needed.

The classes are expected to influence several aspects of one’s life beyond
butoh. Participants will also have the ability to dive further or refresh
themselves with any material via the virtual Shadowbody Butoh Manual
available for free at

The manual is the result of 4 years of compiled research and exploration.
Maria Concetta Cariello works as a freelance dance practitioner, she is co-founder of Sirius Dance Collective (Malta, 2019), and dance assistant for Opening Doors Malta, an art association that works with adults with learning disabilities.

Currently living in the Georgian mountains at Gomarduli Zen Garden as resident teacher and artist to deepen her experience in somatic practice, contact improvisation, and contemporary dance teaching.

She is currently refining her dance practice towards an understanding of the efficiency of the body and the honesty of the self in relation with the other, integrating the artist and the human, both on stage and community work.

Originally stemming from a ballet background, Concetta has realigned her focus training in contemporary dance and obtained a BA in Dance Studies at the School of Performing Arts, University of Malta, jointly with an Erasmus program at the BCDA - Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy.

Her previous background in Building Engineering-Architecture have provided her with a passion for architecture and design, which enriches her approach to dance and space composition. Drawing from this, in 2018, she started ‘Archi-Humans Go Public’, a research project that puts in conversation dance and public spaces, funded by Arts Council Malta.

She has performed various works by Gil Kerer, Willi Dorner, Marie Keiser-Nielsen, Azul Teatro Company, La Fura dels Baus Company, Contact Dance Company, and others.

As an emerging dance creator, she choreographed “I Cannot Walk Around My Body, I Cannot Leave It Behind” for 5 dancers (2018); her own solo research “PRIMA MATERIA: A Study On My Bodies” (2019-20); and the solo “Non-Linear Body/ies” for the company ZfinMalta Dance Ensemble (2020).

She has been teaching contemporary dance and contemporary ballet in various venues mainly in Malta, Italy, and in Finland at Nytke Contemporary Dance Festival.

In her contemporary dance classes she offers a space where to cultivate and nurture the physical, emotional and mental bodies using a combination of improvisation, games, floorwork, and set phrases in order to challenge: the physical body in terms of coordination, strength and elasticity of the movement; the emotional and mental body in its fluctuations as an ongoing inquiry of our inner states. Her contemporary dance classes are integrated with some elements from meditation practices, somatic principles, stressing the importance of the breath within the movement, the sound, the playfulness, and the use of weight in relation with the floor.

She says about dance: “I strongly believe that movement is a metaphor for life, and it is through movement that I am learning who I truly am. By learning who I am through dance, I can broaden my view on what relationship with others is, and what life is. I trust that dance can connect us back to our body, to our essence, to re-learn that WE ARE THE CREATORS OF OUR REALITY, and to take back the power of ownership and freedom for our lives.”
Gomarduli Zen Garden is a CI based mountain retreat in Georgia. We hold the ongoing contact residency for 30 people and organise educational and research events around contact improvisation, contemporary dance, embodiment and somatic treatments.
Getting into the country
From March Georgia allows to enter people from the EU, Japan, China, Israel, USA, Switzerland, Norway, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey
with 72-hours PCR test.

Rest of the world:

Can come having the document about vaccination (any kind of vaccine)

Gomarduli is a Covid-free place. It is a mountain resort, the village is about 1 km away, about 40 families live there. We are about 30-40 people living here, those who arrive, are coming with the test or vaccine.

For questions, please contact us:

+995 551 114389

Cost: 790 €

- workshops
- performance process
- accommodation
- 3 meals a day
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