Module 1.
Craniosacral Therapy
July 18-24, 2022
The first seminar of the two-year cycle of the osteopathy course.

Each module is independent, will give you the skills of the first technique of restoring the integrity of the human body and health.

The two-year course will give you a holistic understanding of the nature of health and a wide range of techniques for its restoration.
Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a gentle hands-on technique that uses a light touch to examine membranes and movement of the fluids in and around the central nervous system.

Relieving tension in the central nervous system promotes a feeling of well-being by eliminating pain and boosting health and immunity
Oleksandr Ivanovich Kumonok is the founder and co-founder of the educational and health center "Paradigma", neurologist and osteopath. I have experience working as a doctor in the department of non-traditional methods of treatment, as a military doctor
In 1990, he completed a clinical residency in folk medicine at the Peoples' Friendship University named after Patrice Lumumba and focused his professional activity in the field of osteopathy.

I have more than 50 educational seminars in my arsenal, which I have attended, practiced and implemented many osteopathic tools in my work. Based on my practical experience, theoretical knowledge and intuitive approach, I systematized everything into a training course in three directions in osteopathy.

Conducted many comprehensive educational seminars and seminars on individual methods. And now it's time to create a global training course, several years long. But the main thing in it is not the number of study hours, but the quality of effective practical skills.

I constantly improved my qualifications and attended many seminars. Here are just some of them:

2006-2008 – Cycle of educational seminars on craniosacral therapy at the University of Postgraduate Education named after A probe from different teachers.

2008-2016 - Biodynamics according to James Zhilos (Maxim Hrytsenko, Russia).

2008-2018 -Diagnostics and Cranial Therapy and more (Charles Beck, Indiana USA)

2009 - Visceral therapy (Antoine Felixik, Holland)

2011 - Neurovascular dynamics (Rowan Richards, California USA)

2012 - Biomechanics from Little John, classical osteopathy in kinetic practice. Level 1
(Henry Lee and Nancy Crooks, USA)

2013 - Classical osteopathy in clinical practice. Level 2 (Christopher Button, England)

2014-2015 - Classical approach in the treatment of the genitourinary system, cardiovascular and lymphatic systems (Chris Campbell, Dublin, Ireland)
2014 – General osteopathic treatment (Alex Budnyk, France)

Constantly improving my skills in various educational programs and receiving new tools for in-depth work with patients' imbalances, I am searching for an effective synthesis of them in therapeutic practice. Each system of the body has its own unique approach, its own technique, and here my experience suggests that the main thing is not the number of skills, but their individual selection for the patient's request.
Hanna Serhiyivna Zaychuk is an osteopath, a specialist in restorative medicine.
In the past, an emergency physician, a family doctor, continuous experience in medicine since 2005.

From 2011 to 2014, he was a leading specialist and head of the children's department of the Kinesiotherapy Center of Dr. Bubnovsky. At the same time, she studied Red-cord kinesiology technology and simultaneously obtained a higher education in depth psychology.

Work in the children's department of the Bubnovsky Center, extensive medical practice with patients - all this became for me a start to the world of osteopathy, restorative medicine and a holistic approach to therapy.

Since 2013, the main object of study and the main field of activity is Osteopathy.
The list of studies I have completed is very long.

Here are just some of the Masters I studied with:

2013-2018 - Craniosacral therapy and other seminars on osteopathy (A.I. Kumonok, Ukraine)
2013 - Craniosacral therapy, Swiss school (L.G. Zubriy, Ukraine)
2014 - Classical approach in the treatment of the genitourinary system, cardiovascular and
lymphatic systems (Chris Campbell, Dublin, Ireland)
2014 - Instructional reflexes (Charles Beck, Indiana, USA)
2016 - Mechanical osteopathic connection according to P. Shafur (Nancy Crooks, USA)
2017 - Biodynamics in pediatric treatment (Maxim Hrytsenko, Russia)
2018 - General osteopathic treatment (Alex Budnyk, France)
2019 - Basic seminars on new German medicine (Neufeildt VV, Germany, Russia)

These Teachers gave me the tools of interaction with human systems at different levels - from the anatomical structural approach to the deep neurofascial processing that controls all of this.

I consider my patients and the listeners of my seminars to be my main teachers. After all, a spontaneously asked question, an answer intuitively extracted from the recesses of the subconscious, and a continuous experiment in the search for that single and correct set of practical skills that will help this particular patient and this very moment are the main keys to successful treatment.
Osteopathy is a very flexible tool, which means that learning from simple to complex, from dense to subtle is the only way of a true Master. I follow this path, constantly updating my knowledge, learning from various specialists, synthesizing them into a single experience and a system of helping people.

There is such a truth - the more you give, the more you are filled. And in 2015, it's time to share the knowledge actively accumulated and implemented through work with patients. Oleksandr Ivanovych and I have formed a wonderful tandem, where we complement each other with structure and functionality, and our immersion in biodynamics creates good educational content. We have conducted more than 80 different training seminars: from small ones based on specific tools in osteopathy to large multi-day training courses.

Osteopathy combines directions that are different in form, but filled with a single content:
Craniosacral therapy
Functional approach according to J. M. Littlejohn
Visceral therapy according to Barral
Mechanical osteopathic connection according to Shofur
Improved SKS according to Giammateu
Dr. Bennett and Martin's Neurovascular Processing
Biodynamics according to Jillos from

And with all this we work, study, practice, teach.
Gomarduli Dao Space is the first and only retreat center in Georgia.
5 wooden chalets among green mountains 60 km from Batumi.
Gorgeous views, silence, fresh air and the best water in Georgia.
1150 Gel
The price includes a seminar,
accommodation in 2- and 4-person rooms,
3 vegetarian meals

Students of the course are provided with printed theoretical materials
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