Dance is Peace

December 18 - 24
Gomarduli Dao Space
Western Georgia

Contact Improvisation event in support of
Israel Contact Festival community

Sponsored and organised by the team of
Silent Contact Festival in Georgia
This year contact festival in Israel can't happen.

After the vicious attack of 7 October, in the conditions of the ongoing war, it becomes impossible to hold the festival, especially in an international format.

But for many of us this festival is a milestone of the year. One of the oldest, one of the biggest in the world, it was a space to meet for more than 300 dancers from around the globe.

Dance is peace - was the title of a festival held in 2015 in Ukraine, which was experiencing invasion and was at war. That festival was transformational for many of us and brought together a large number of wonderful teachers from different countries who came and taught their classes for free.

Now we feel it is time for this energy to manifest again.

The event is free of charge

We organise this event
for contact improvisation dancers from Israel
and their dancing friends from abroad.

- To keep the dance
- To create space for support and peace
- To meet and hug everyone
- To cry together and to find hope and strength


Because we can

and we are grateful
for all dances, gazes, talks,
days and nights

in Israel
2016 - 2020
Photo: Tal Kulikovsky
we can offer for this event
  • Mountain Retreat
    Located in Western Georgia, 60 km from Batumi airport
  • Dance Space
    150 sq m with professional floor,
    full of light
  • 15 rooms
    45 people total capacity, bright rooms for 2, 3 and 4
  • Delicious food
    Both, vegan and regular, homemade bread, good coffee
How It Works
Make an application
In the winter we can offer 15 rooms for 45 people total.
Maybe few more will fit in the chillout.

Indoor dance space is 150 sq m

If you are a teacher willing to hold a class or lab, mention it in a textarea
Get our answer
We imagine at least a half coming from Israel.

Among the non-Israeli we will give a light priority to the teachers and experienced dancers, but overall we' aim to create a diverse group.

We will do a short video call with those we select. The rest will get the quick answer too.
Confirm yourself coming
To confirm your participation we will ask you to send us your flight ticket.
That would be enough.

Georgia has 3 airports: Tbilisi, capital; Kutaisi - lowcost; Batumi - closest.
Stay in touch and be on time

We'll meet on Dec 18th, 15:00 in Batumi, at the Alphabet Tower. Then it takes 2,5 hours in the winter to arrive to the place. Take 5$ for the bus/one way.
The event is free of charge.

If you wish to donate - pay the flight for your friend from Israel.
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For creating the space of togetherness and support
Would you offer a class/lab/jam/music?
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