Traditionally the second of January in Georgia is called “Bedoba”. “Bedoba” stands for “Luck” and therefore, the way you spend the day is believed to determine your new year. This year we are expanding Bedoba to 12 days, each of which will define one of the months of the coming year.
Practice for Body and Mind


The word “Yoga” essentially means, “that which brings you to reality”. Literally, it means “union.”

Union means it brings you to the ultimate reality, where individual manifestations of life are surface bubbles in the process of creation. Yoga means to move towards an experiential reality where one knows the ultimate nature of the existence, the way it is made.

Tai Chi

An art embracing the mind, body and spirit – Originating in ancient China, tai chi is one of the most effective exercises for health of mind and body.

Although an art with great depth of knowledge and skill, it can be easy to learn and soon delivers its health benefits. For many, it continues as a lifetime journey.


Meditation is about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings.

You’re learning to observe them without judgment. And eventually, you may start to better understand them as well.


What can be better than dancing through the New Year holidays? Contact Improvisation, contemporary dance, dervish dance, ecstatic dance - get ready to move and enjoy it!

Whenever we feel a certain way, we can use dance to project our emotions from deep within out into the world.

We will live in the fantastic place of the mountain retreat center in Upper Adjara, waking up to sun, gazing the huge stars in the night and enjoying the silence surrounded by the beautiful nature.


Zura Kazishvili

Teaching Yoga.

Personal practice from 2002, teacher from 2012. After years of experience, a unique style was created, blending elements of hatha, vinyasa and kundalini yoga.

Lasha Submulashvili

Teaching Tai Chi.

More than 20 years of practice, participation in european and world championships, Vice president of Georgian National Wushu Federation.

Yu Gen

Teaching contact impro and tea ceremony.

Practice of tea ceremony since 2004. Working in the field of sensory perception and somatic identity. Teaching internationally in more than 30 countries around the globe.

Why to come?

- wake up with the impressive mountain view

- do yoga and meditation on the fresh air

- participate in the traditional Chinese tea ceremony

- have a really good sleep

- become inspired and motivated

- refresh yourself with outdoor hikes

- meet new incredible people

- visit first retreat center in Georgia and fall in love with Gomarduli

Gomarduli Zen Garden
The first and the only retreat center in Georgia. The perfect spot for meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and outdoor activities. Gomarduli is created for inner discoveries, healing, refreshing, inspiration, and finding your people.

It's a place where you can pull back, withdraw your everyday life and focus your attention on things that you truly love.

How to get to Gomarduli!
Gomarduli Village
60 km from Batumi
GPS 41.6639° N, 42.1968° E
(You have to pass Shuakhevi first!)

Bus website (from Kutaisi)
Train website (from Tbilisi)

Your best friend in Georgia:
+995 591 01 77 22
Example of day schedule:
8:00 - Yoga
10:00 - Breakfast
12:00 -Tai Chi
14:00 - Lunch
16:00 -Tea Ceremony
17:00 - Meditation/Movement class
19:00 - Dinner
20:30 - Bodywork/Dance/Sauna

Each day will be a mystery, dedicated to one of the months of the coming year.

We would keep some information for now. Surprises are good :)
What you will get:

- being in touch with all the senses.
- having rest from digital activity
- get the new knowledge
- you will have a really good rest, meet interesting people
and discover new ways of contact with them
- get the new sources of energy for healthy and happy life
You will get even more
Arts & Crafts
Where will you live?

- 5 wooden cottages, each has 4 double rooms
- All rooms are located on the second floor of the cottage

Each room has a balcony, a wardrobe, a private bathroom with towels and toiletries.
Ground floor has a fireplace and panorama windows.
Restaurant, meditation & yoga halls are located close to the cottages.
What do we eat?

Have you ever eaten vegetarian food?

Here in Gomarduli, you can give it a try.

We serve our guests with the vegetarian rustic food, fresh local vegetables and fruit. We follow the principles of healthy and balanced nutrition. As for the drinks, we are suggesting fresh coffee, blackberry tea, wild strawberries tea, no strong alcohol except wine during the evenings.


12 DAYS - 990 GEL

WEEK - 720 GEL

DAY - 150 GEL

What is included in the price:

- accommodation
- breakfasts, lunches and dinners
- participation in all program

Transfer from Tbilisi 50 gel/person

Please, notice that the number of participants for this event is limited, so book your place now.
Book your place!
We are looking forward to meeting you!
How many days?
How do you get to Gomarduli?
Say something :)
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