Gomarduli Dao Space Events

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"Wild" Women's Retreat
May 20-27

To be wild is to be free. An easy, relaxed, high on yourself and life as a woman.

The retreat is dedicated to:

Your body, the deepest relaxation, the restoration of a woman's resource. Awakening of healthy sexuality, ease and freedom to be Yourself

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May 29 - June 1

Vipassana, an ancient meditation technique originating from India, emphasizes self-observation and mindfulness. It focuses on the deep interconnection between mind and body, which can be experienced directly by disciplined attention to physical sensations.

Practitioners cultivate mental clarity, equanimity, and insight into the true nature of reality by observing the impermanent nature of sensations and the ever-changing flow of thoughts and emotions.

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JetRockets event
June 2 - 4

Private onciting event - fully booked

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Weekend "Wild" Women's Retreat
June 9 - 12

Embark on a women's retreat designed to empower and nurture your inner goddess. This serene escape offers yoga, meditation, and self-discovery workshops in a supportive environment.

Connect with like-minded women, ignite your passions, and celebrate sisterhood amidst nature's beauty. Leave refreshed, inspired, and ready to embrace your authentic self.


Summer Yoga Camp
June 17 - 24

Join us for a unique summer camp and yoga retreat experience, where we dedicate part of our time to deep personal practice, working with the body, breath, and mindfulness, while the other part is devoted to togetherness, connection, and the simple, joyful summer life among friends.

By the end, we'll discover that there isn't such a significant difference between practice and life itself if we approach both with the proper attention and honesty.


Detect Summer School
July 2 - 16

Discover the wonders of Georgia's diverse ecosystems at our children's biological summer school. Engaging, hands-on activities and field trips inspire young minds to explore local flora and fauna. Expert guides and educators foster curiosity in biology, conservation, and environmental stewardship, cultivating a passion for nature and a lifelong love of learning.

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Miafonia Voice Festival
July 21 - 29

The voice is your calling card. Our status, charm, magnetism, emotionality, sexuality. The most important mirror of the soul.
Do you love your voice?

We created the festival so that regardless of your voice and word skills, musical experience, creativity, country and status, we could sound together, love your voice and share with each other the happiness of being.

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Contemporary Dance School
July 29 - August 6

Unleash your creative spirit at our contemporary dance school, where self-expression and movement intertwine. Taught by skilled instructors, students of all levels will learn innovative techniques and choreography, enhancing their fluidity and emotional connection. Experience a transformative journey, cultivating both physical prowess and artistic growth.

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Holistic Touch Thai Massage Workshop
September 6 - 15

Immerse yourself in the art of holistic touch at our Thai massage workshop. Learn ancient techniques that harmonize body, mind, and spirit, guided by experienced practitioners. Discover the healing power of assisted yoga postures, gentle stretching, and rhythmic pressure. Elevate your skills, offering rejuvenation and deep relaxation to others through the sacred dance of Thai massage.

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Silent Contact Improvisation Festival
September 18 - 24

The 5th edition of the international Contact Improvisation festival in silence. 2 parallel intensives, 4 single classes, 7 jams, morning tea ceremonies and other beautiful sparkles of senseless togetherness.

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October 2 - 7

Explore adventure education as approach within the non-formal learning, share methods of adventure, outdoor and experiential learning and network for European Solidarity Corps projects. Join the community of practice, where participants are invited to co-own the space for the Adventure, Experiential and Outdoor learning process.
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Wanna bring your event here?
We are the only retreat center in Georgia and we have everything organisers might need:

  • various food options
  • space for 60 people in the rooms with the possibility to extend to 120
  • 2 spaces for practice - 200 and 300 sq.m.
  • remote quite place with the good road
  • 2 quality sound systems (up to 2,5 kWt)
  • projector, colour printer, digital piano
  • yoga mats and blankets
  • transfers and excursions
  • Good internet connection
  • Up to 120 kWt of electricity
  • 12,8 hectares of land
  • Small ski lift

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