Gomarduli Dao Space Events
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Georgian Contact Festival
September 26 - October 2
Contact Improvisation, Somatics, Contemporary Dance, Bodywork, Performance, Happiness

Georgian Contact Improvisation Festival is a place to meet, to touch, to dance for people from all over the world. We believe that movement is life and we are happy to have a chance to create the ark of embodiment in a digital ocean.
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Qi Gong and Tai Chi Retreat
October 24 - 30
A week-long retreat
dedicated to the Chinese systems
of wholeness and wellness -
Qigong, Tai Chi and Taoist practices.

Indian Summer in Upper Adjara,
time spent in harmony with nature
among wonderful people.
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Tea Dao Retreat
October 31 - November 6
A week of Tea ceremony, aesthetic meditation
and other aspects of Dao for full, free, bright and balanced life.

Come for a wonderful week in the mountains of Western Georgia, balancing the energies of body and mind, enjoying nature, meeting interesting people and discovering the new pathways to live healthy and happy.

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Biodynamic Osteopathy Seminar
November 7 - 13
Biodynamics is a unique healing art that develops the physician's connection to the essence of life and the inner ability to heal. The human being, as a system, has different layers of experience, and all of them can be touched through biodynamics. In any healing process, three fields of function are active: - tissues, - fluids - bioenergy.

Biodynamic therapy has developed specific techniques to address any of these dimensions. The essence of biodynamic work is a perfect palpation and sensitivity multiplied by micro-actions on the fluid, neural, fascial, etc. levels of the body. The biodynamic practitioner does not "impose" on the body the way to healing, but only supports it on this way, revealing the natural, inherent in Nature opportunities for self-healing.
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Silent Retreat
November 21 - December 1
No words. No phones. No thing.
10 days of silent retreat

We invite you to dive deep into journey through all the senses, to touch the memory of generations embedded in the body, to discover new opportunities in life and to take root in yourself, discovering in the depths of your being the source of tranquility, harmony, peace and power.
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New Year in Gomarduli
December 30 - January 8
Something great to be announced soon
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