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We. Are. Alive.

Our bodies are visible and tangible projection of the whole existence into reality of matter.

Exploring the behavior and sensations of the body we make conclusions about the entire life in order to make intelligent decisions in navigating the life flow.

Touch is an act of witnessing at first.

The quality of live presence can be transmitted from being to being through the touch, gaze, thought or other kind of attention. The body is the deepest channel.

The senses are our only channel of communication with reality. They provide the necessary base for our mind to make the right decisions to sustain and evolve our existence.

To be ecological is to be embodied.

Each moment of awareness contains all the necessary conclusions. The concept of mistake makes no sense. We value human life in its entirety, and we believe that this approach to life is what can set the stage for the right answer to the age-old human question - why are we here?
We traveled the world organizing embodiment workshops, meditating, meeting people and gaining experiences.

Then we found an abandoned tourist base in a beautiful place in Georgia, built a practice hall, and organized an international festival of contact improvisation. After that, the owners suggested that we rent the place or buy it, which we did.

On June 15, 2020, amidst a growing pandemic and closed borders, we opened Georgia's first retreat center.

We continue to repair, develop, and build this place. Much has been done and much remains to be done. If you would like to support us, welcome here.

We practice contact improvisation, yoga, contemporary dance, tea ceremony, breathwork, vipassana, tai chi, somatics and more.

We have our residential activities schedule and also organize workshops, festivals, residencies and other kinds of cross-cultural events.
We are human. We love life and we want to be alive, and we want there to be many like us, that's why we're here.

We travel and do yoga, meditate and dance contact improvisation, we love techno and jazz, we are interested in science and exited about kite surfing, we have few cats and a dog, and we also grow lettuce.

We are very different, but got a chance to live in a good place meeting good people. We are happy with this way of life and are open to share it with you.
If you are interested in Gomarduli welcome to contact us

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