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Gomarduli is the first retreat center of "The Garden" family - a breeding ground for contemporary body practices, meditation and health maintenance techniques, intellectual and aesthetic development programs, music, art projects, philosophical, science and ethical ideas


We are a global alliance of the people united by the values of embodied hedonism, sustainable development and good taste.


Yu Gen came to Georgia in 2018 with the idea of a contact festival in silence, looking for a place for it. He liked it here - the country had beautiful mountains, tasty food, friendly people, but most important - everything was imbued with the spirit of piercing, boundless freedom.

When he came to Gomarduli for the first time he was impressed with the incredible beauty and energy of this place. In the first year the agreement with the owners was not reached, and the festival took place in another place.

But the place kept calling Yu Gen, and next September an international festival of contact improvisation was held in Gomarduli with 100 participants from more than 40 countries. After that, negotiations continued and finally a 12-year lease was signed. First recreation and retreat center in Georgia starts now.


Planting a tree, you leave a deep mark on our planet. It's roots strengthen the soil, its crown produces enough oxygen for the life of three people, bees feed on its nectar, and the fruits will become for you a symbol of gratitude of the planet for your care.

It is a country house where you come back to look at the stars, listen to the silence, breathe, touch, taste the water and take your time. You go back to people who know you, to a place that you know and, eventually, to yourself.

And to your tree

If you are interested to launch your event in Gomarduli or just come to enjoy silence there please contact us

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